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Friday, March 10, 2006

Freedom of Thought => Freedom of Speech!

If you think,
Freedom of Thought
is a good thing...

If you have a righteous agenda,
Freedom of Thought
is a hateful, fearful thing
designed to keep YOU
from obeying ME!

I support Freedom of Thought,
and its outer manifestation,
Freedom of Speech! Download this MP3!
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Transcript: Freedom of Spirit = Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

In America, Freedom of Speech is precious because it is evidence of Freedom of Thought, and Freedom of Thought is important to God-fearing humans!

The Constitution of America, its basic governing law defining who can do what in America, spells out in the Bill of Rights, TEN specific freedoms Americans have, and the first of these is Freedom of Speech.

Thugs, tyrants, petty dictators and clergy around the world seek to limit the human right to think, so THEY can think FOR us!

But in America, and in other democratic nations around the world, we are allowed to err on the side to too much speech, about the wrong subjects, rather than engage in government or religious censorship.

In America we can say “the government is FAILING to protect our southern border!” Or we can say “The government wants to give control of our ports to the people who brought us 9-11!”

In America, we are free to speak the truth about Islamofascists, and how they killed in Beslan, and how they bombed in Bali, and how they ‘honor kill’ any woman who doesn’t act like a craven sex-slave for a male-dominant, misogynist society!

In fact, the Promulgation of Universal Peace began in America when ‘Abdu’l-Baha visited for nine months, praising America’s ideals and values and freedoms, but then, He was NOT a Muslim, was He?

In America, we’re free to point out the deadly nature of Islamist thugs who rape and head-hack and burn cars and pillage and hate and single out Jews and Baha’is for special torture and persecution, but there are those who want to castrate this freedom!

So if you value your life, speak up! Take a stand FOR Responsible Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Thought which is its foundation and basis!

Live FREE or Die! This is the choice facing all free people today! Take your place on the good side of history, and

“Mount your steeds, O Heros of God!”


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