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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Karridine Was Just Formally Named As Bangkok's Best B2B Social Media Marketer

The conclusion of a new web opinion poll in which responders were asked to identify 'Bangkok's Best B2B Social Media Consultant' yielded what some would have to declare was an incredibly predictable outcome, entrepreneur and well-known online marketing authority Karridine was selected above all other recognised names in Bangkok.

The ballot and eventually the designation of 'Bangkok's Best B2B Social Media Marketer' was formed soon after an intense discussion started about just WHO in Bangkok would ultimately be able to claim that distinction. In an attempt to keep the ballot fair to all online marketers, the competition was performed via the internet and the winner was decided upon by Bangkok businesses themselves. Right after introducing the opinion poll, there seemed to be a fierce contest for the title of Bangkok's Best Online Professional, but after the dust settled, there
was an obvious and undisputed winner of the coveted title. In the aftermath of the opinion poll ending, Karridine was declared the accepted 'Bangkok's Best Online Social Media Professional' for Bangkok, Thailand.

Local social media consultants surveyed about the poll appeared to have split responses to Dr K's making a claim to the highly-sought-after title, varying from sheer disbelief that one certain person could be so recognized, to complete agreement with the selection local professionals had decided upon.

Dr K was most likely established as Bangkok's Best B2B Social Media Marketer by associates in large part due to the work Karridine has produced for local community small businesses and their new client-acquisition campaigns. As an established marketing and PR authority that specializes in entrepreneurs' web-based presence and advertising strategies, claiming the formal title was not a revelation to a sizeable majority of individuals and professionals who participated.

After the overall results were in, Karridine was noted as declaring 'To be completely honest, I just didn't realize that there was a ballot taking place at all. I'm astounded that so many folks know my name!'

Dr K was also noted mentioning 'I work hard on my organization, and am seriously fired up about what I have taking place in 2014. Hearing that people here in Bangkok's multilingual community have actually recognized me as Bangkok's Best B2B Social Media Marketer is not just an honor, but a real privilege. Thanks to all the people that took part in the poll and vote.'

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Monday, January 20, 2014

TeamWorx Hangout for Best B2B Bangkok

For Immediate Release:
Bangkok, Thailand Jan 20, 2014

TeamWorx (Thailand) spokesman Dean SaenSamruay confirmed today that TeamWorx is re-opening its Ultimate Business Card program for a limited time, after requests from business professionals unable to get their own experience turned into a book, the Ultimate Business Card.

From Jan 22 until Feb 3 of this year, TeamWorx is accepting applications for its Ultimate Business Card program, with the condition that only 7 positions are open, because TeamWorx doesn't want to create create competition for its own clients.

Dean noted that 'the phone has been ringing non-stop' as real estate agents call asking for details and schedules, but the class doesn't open until Wednesday, Jan 22, to be fair to real estate professionals in Bangkok.

TeamWorx is known for being able to place clients on Page One of Google, resulting in more paying customers for these clients, and interested persons can find more information is at the Google Hangout  or call 089-459-1847 in Bangkok.