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Monday, March 13, 2006

Global Islamofascist Media Person!

Now hiring!

You may be qualified! Check out this short commercial for Global Islamofascist Media Person!

We are highly selective, only accepting the best.

(Cannon fodder apply elsewhere!)

Click here to listen, or Right-click and "Save as..."


Transcript: G.I.M.P.

Global Islamic Media Person

The Global Islamic Media Front, the media arm of the terrorist jihad woman-hating Hamas (and many other Islamo-fascist organizations) is looking to hire several spokespersons around the world.

If you can shoot children in the back, force them to drink their own urine, send your own children to an explosive, self-murdering mass-murdering death: if you can spend years stealing hundreds of millions of donated dollars from your own brothers and sisters while they eke out an ugly, hateful existence in a toxic squat outside Israel; if you can set off bombs to kill people that YOU THINK are not of your faith, then tell yourself this is a good and righteous action, YOU MAY BE A G.I.M.P.!

Yes, you may be the Global Islamic Media Person we’re looking for! You know you’re a GIMP if you curse others for their beauty, and cover up yours in a bag of burqa. You know you’re a GIMP if you force teen girls back inside a burning school to die a hideous death rather than appear unscarved in public!

Yes, you too may be a GIMP! If you have ever wanted to butcher unprotected schoolgirls on their way to church, you’re a GIMP! Or wanted to hack off the head of reporters trying to help you; you’re a GIMP! If you’ve ever caught yourself dreaming about flying a planeload of k’ffir into a building full of office workers, well, YOU’RE a GIMP!

You may qualify for this position, which is well-paid in this life, and offers SPECIAL rewards in the next world! (Some restrictions may apply. Please read the fine print)

Global Islamofascist Media Person! You are a GIMP!


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